Smash-Up: The Story Of A Woman (1947)/Tulsa (1949)

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First, Susan Hayward is great as a broken woman who turns to the bottle thanks in part to the irresponsibility of her successful singer husband. Reportedly based on real Hollywood situations, "Smash-Up: The Story Of A Woman" is unflinching in its depiction of alcoholism. With Eddie Albert, Lee Bowman. Next, Hayward is Cherokee Lansing, an Oklahoma cattleman's daughter out for revenge against the oil company she blames for her father's death. She launches a plan to start her own wildcat oil business, but as the black gold pours in, Hayward becomes lost in the rush for money and power. "Tulsa" co-stars Robert Preston, Pedro Armendariz. 194 min. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; newsreel footage; theatrical trailer.
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