Andy Warhol

Category: Cult

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Category:Documentary |Director:Esther Robinson |Rated:NR |Color:Black & White / Color |Format: DVD   Fullscreen
SKU: D10452
In 1966, editor/filmmaker Danny Williams disappeared, adding tragic mystery to the time he spent with Andy Warhol as a member of the pop art guru's Factory inner circle. Williams' niece Esther Robinson helms this intimate documentary, which makes use of recently discovered films made by Williams and interviews with surviving Factory ... more
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Category:Cult |Rated:R |Color:Color |Format: DVD   Fullscreen
SKU: D38939
One critic dubbed this Warhol Factory tale of murder, lust, and depravity "a movie with something to offend absolutely everybody." Carroll Baker plays a New York electrolysist whose beauty salon serves as a front for her all-girl murder-for-hire operation. Co-stars Perry King, Susan Tyrrell, Stefania Casini. AKA: "Andy Warhol's Bad." ... more
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Category:Documentary |Director:Chuck Workman |Rated:NR |Color:Color |Format: DVD   DVD Fullscreen
SKU: D21384
Artist. Filmmaker. Personality. Partygoer. Party-giver. Media manipulator. Andy Warhol was all of these...and more! This fascinating look at one of the 20th century's most famous people includes rare archival footage and interviews with the likes of Sally Kirkland, Dennis Hopper, David Hockney and Liza Minnelli. 87 min. Standard; Soundtrack: ... more
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