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Category:Documentary |Rated:NR |Color:Color |Format: DVD   Fullscreen
SKU: D33917
That universal institution of mirth, merriment, and majesty--the circus--is highlighted in this special presentation for all ages, culled from the popular 1960s NBC variety series "International Showtime." Host Don Ameche surveys the most amazing circus acts captured the world over, including lions, elephants, acrobats, clowns, daredevils, ... more
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Category:Documentary |Rated:NR |Color:Color |Format: DVD 
SKU: D78539
The evolution of five poor boys from Baraboo, Wisconsin, into the world famous circus entrepreneurs is told in this inspiring documentary on the origins of "The Greatest Show on Earth." Along with exciting footage of the fun that goes on under the big top, this program also includes a look at how the brothers changed entertainment forever. ... more
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Category:Documentary |Rated:NR |Color:Color |Closed Captioned:Yes |Format: DVD   DVD Fullscreen
SKU: D08879
Embark on an unforgettable adventure with the legendary Big Apple Circus in this dazzling documentary series from PBS. Go behind the scenes of the big-top tent to witness the hard work that goes into each magical act, and meet the many unique personalities that make up this magnificent troupe. > Standard; Soundtrack: English; Subtitles: ... more
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Category:Documentary |Rated:NR |Color:Color |Format: DVD   Widescreen
SKU: D41858
For former pro wrestler and Atlanta policeman Joey Thurmond, clowning around is serious business--having invested his entire life savings and retirement money into his family's traveling circus show. This affecting documentary follows Thurmond and his loyal clan as they work tirelessly to entertain audiences and keep their business ... more
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