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Category:Foreign |Director:Essa Karama |Rated:NR |Color:Black & White |Format: DVD   Fullscreen
SKU: D49390
Ever wonder what an Egyptian remake of "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein" would be like? No? Well, find out anyway in this jaw-dropping blend of horror and comedy, as two bumbling antique store workers encounter a bloodsucking doctor, a werewolf, and a mummy that looks suspiciously like Universal's Frankenstein Monster! Ismail ... more
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The Other(1999)
Category:Foreign |Director:Youssef Chahine |Rated:NR |Color:Color |Format: DVD   DVD Widescreen
SKU: D75356
From director Youssef Chahine ("Destiny") comes a thoughtful examination of the link between power and fanaticism. When a man whose rich parents are involved in a scheme to bilk the government falls for a journalist investigating corruption amongst the wealthy, he decides to turn against his family. Now, he is forced to confront the ... more
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Category:Foreign |Director:Marwan Hamed |Rated:NR |Color:Color |Format: DVD   DVD Widescreen
SKU: D98831
Modern-day Egyptian society is assessed by chronicling the comings and goings of tenants residing in the Yacoubian Building, a Cairo apartment complex built in 1937 to house the city's upper class, now home to both the moderately respectable and the impoverished. Set in the 1990s, the story follows characters whose decadent, secular ... more
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