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Category:Foreign |Director:Bud Lee |Rated:NR |Color:Black & White |Format: DVD   Fullscreen
SKU: D15691
A killer who leaves a calling card at every crime scene is hunted down by an intrepid detective (Pierre Fresnay) who reluctantly accepts the assistance of his girlfriend (Suzy Delair), a nightclub performer eager to get involved in the mystery. The trail leads to a boarding house...with many suspects. Director Henri-Georges Clouzot's ... more
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Category:Foreign |Rated:NR |Color:Black & White |Format: DVD   Fullscreen
SKU: D03013
Acclaimed post-war drama from France which follows the sad and sordid descent of a teenage girl, who dared to love a resistance fighter, into prostitution. Henri-Georges Clouzot directs; Cecile Aubry, Michel Auclair star. 105 min. Standard; Soundtrack: French; Subtitles: English. In French with English subtitles.
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Category:Foreign |Director:Henri-Georges Clouzot |Rated:NR |Color:Black & White |Format: DVD   DVD Criterion
SKU: D77940
Henri-Georges Clouzot's spellbinding tale tracks a team of four men hired to drive two trucks loaded with nitroglycerine across 300 miles of mountainous South American terrain. Yves Montand, Charles Vanel, and Peter Van Eyck star in a gem of cinematic suspense and adventure. 148 min. Standard; Soundtrack: French Dolby Digital mono; ... more
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Category:Foreign |Director:Rocco Siffredi |Rated:NR |Color:Black & White |Format: DVD 
SKU: D38263
Taut thriller from Henri-Georges Clouzot that rivals Hitchcock's best. A cruel schoolmaster is murdered by his wife and mistress, but when the body vanishes the wife becomes convinced that he's still alive and hungry for revenge. Frightening tale of suspense and deception stars Simone Signoret, Vera Clouzot, and Paul Meurisse. AKA: ... more
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