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Category:Foreign |Rated:NR |Color:Color |Format: DVD   DVD Widescreen
SKU: D71597
A French woman visits a remote hacienda, which she recently inherited from her late aunt, in the Venezuelan jungle. While touring the home for the first time in decades, she recalls her days as a child there, and the times she shared with her reclusive aunt, in this emotional drama by Fina Torres. Daniela Silverio, Doris Wells star. ... more
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Category:Foreign |Rated:NR |Color:Color |Format: DVD   DVD Fullscreen
SKU: D38385
Antonio Banderas is featured in this drama, set in a small Venezuelan town in the 1950s, that chronicles the relationship between the matriarch of a humble Italian immigrant family and Noemi, an aristocratic landowner. As the women discuss their frustrations, they form a strong bond. With Marisa Laurito, Mimi Lazo. 96 min. Standard; ... more
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Category:Foreign |Rated:R |Color:Color |Closed Captioned:Yes |Format: DVD   Widescreen
SKU: D86201
In the city of Caracas, well-to-do lovers Carla (Mia Maestro) and Martin (Jean Paul Leroux) are kidnapped by three vicious thugs. The couple faces brutal experiences at the hands of their abductors, painting a white-hot, grotesque picture of a Latin American crime culture fed by class warfare and pervasive ... more
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Category:Foreign |Director:Alfredo Anzola |Color:Color |Format: DVD 
SKU: D42592
Thirsting for adventure, Jules Verne (Marco Villarubia) sets sail on the Orinoco River with professional explorer Ernano Stradelli (Ronnie Nordenflycht). Along the way, a stranger with a very personal quest joins the pair in an increasingly surreal journey ablaze with beauty, danger, and discovery. Based on Verne's diaries and his novel ... more
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Category:Foreign |Rated:NR |Color:Color |Format: DVD   Widescreen
SKU: D97098
Living in the slums of Venezuela, brothers Julio (Eliu Armas) and Daniel (Fernando Moreno) look to soccer as a means of escape and hope. Just as their fortunes seem to be on the rise with an invitation to both to try out for a professional squad, a sudden and violent event threatens to destroy their relationship ... more
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