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Category:Foreign |Director:Arturo Ripstein |Rated:NR |Color:Color |Format: DVD   Fullscreen
SKU: D19610
When the female owner of a run-down brothel in a Mexican village is threatened by a visiting truck driver, her father--a transvestite who wears glamorous dresses and does a steamy flamenco dance--steps in to save the day. Based on a novel by Chilean author Jose Donoso, director Arturo Ripstein's outrageous tale stars Roberto ... more
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Category:Foreign |Director:Arturo Ripstein |Rated:NR |Color:Color |Format: DVD   Widescreen
SKU: D73441
Based on the real-life murders that inspired 1970's "The Honeymoon Killers," director Arturo Ripstein's compelling mix of suspense and perverse dark comedy stars Daniel Gimenez Cacho as a would-be ladies' man in '40s Mexico who robs the women who reply to his lonelyhearts ads. He meets his match in overweight nurse/embalmer Regina Orozco, ... more
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Category:Foreign |Director:Arturo Ripstein |Rated:NR |Color:Color |Format: DVD 
SKU: D92923
Adapting the Greek tragedy "Medea" to modern-day Mexico, this intense and imaginative drama follows Julia (Arcelia Ramirez), an uneducated young woman eking out a living from practicing homeopathic medicine and performing abortions on demand. Abandoned by her husband and facing the possibility her ... more
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