Joan of Arc Biodramas

Category: Historical & War

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Saint Joan(1957)
Category:Historical & War |Rated:NR |Color:Black & White |Format: DVD   Widescreen
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Otto Preminger's adaptation of George Bernard Shaw's play about the life of Joan of Arc catapulted Iowa's Jean Seberg to stardom. In 15th-century France, the famed teenager's claim of hearing angels leads to her commanding an army against English invaders and, later, being tried for heresy and sent to the stake. Richard Widmark, Richard ... more
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Category:Historical & War |Director:Luc Besson |Rated:R |Color:Color |Closed Captioned:Yes |Format: DVD   Widescreen
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French filmmaker Luc Besson's ("The Fifth Element") lavish historical biodrama about the visionary peasant girl who inspired a nation stars Milla Jovovich as Joan. Driven by faith to lead her people against England, her battle against political enemies led to her capture, trial and execution. John Malkovich, Faye Dunaway, and Dustin ... more
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