Nelson Mandela Biodramas

Category: Historical & War

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Category:Historical & War |Director:Bille August |Rated:R |Color:Color |Closed Captioned:Yes |Format: DVD   DVD Widescreen
SKU: D50473
The surprising relationship that developed between Nelson Mandela and South African prison guard James Gregory is explored in this riveting biodrama. Fighting against apartheid and struggling to regain his freedom while imprisoned, Mandela inspired Gregory to change his racist attitudes and worldview. Joseph Fiennes, Dennis Haysbert, ... more
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Category:Historical & War |Rated:PG13 |Color:Color |Format: DVD   Widescreen
SKU: D03532
Set in mid-1980s South Africa when apartheid held sway over the nation, this striking political drama echoes the drug drama "Traffic" in its realistic, multilayered approach to historical drama. While uneasy talks begin between an intelligence officer (Mark Strong) and an imprisoned Nelson Mandela (Clarke Peters), a powerful businessman ... more
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Category:Historical & War |Director:Michael Zen |Rated:R |Color:Color |Closed Captioned:Yes |Format: DVD   Widescreen
SKU: D36225
Jennifer Hudson delivers a remarkable title performance as South Africa's "Mother of the Nation" in this sweeping biopic. Winnie Mandela's life is tracked from her getting caught up in the charisma of rising political star Nelson Mandela (Terrence Howard) through a continuing fight against apartheid over his 27-year incarceration, including ... more
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Category:Historical & War |Rated:PG13 |Color:Color |Closed Captioned:Yes |Format: DVD   Widescreen
SKU: D32965
The life of one of world history's most transformative figures is given a comprehensive and compelling overview, with Idris Elba strikingly portraying Nelson Mandela from young attorney to 27-year prisoner of conscience to democratically elected President of South Africa who embraced conciliation over revenge. Remarkable tale co-stars ... more
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