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The Monsters of the Midway capped a spectacular 2006-07 season with the NFC championship, coming only one win short of taking the Super Bowl. Fans of Da Bears will not want to miss this incredible retrospective of the team's finest season in over two decades, spotlighting Rex Grossman's impressive touchdown passes, David Hester's record-breaking ... more
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Da Bears! Celebrate the winning legacy of the Chicago Bears with this in-depth overview of the legendary franchise. From the team's debut season in 1920 to their triumphant victory over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XX and beyond, the program presents a definitive guide to the squad's storied history through archival footage ... more
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Since the team's inception in 1919, the Chicago Bears have won nine NFL Championships due in large part to their stifling defenses, a long-standing staple of the franchise. This indelible retrospective traces the history of Da Bears' most ferocious defensive players, and even names an all-time starting 11. Everyone from Red Grange to ... more
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The Chicago Bears always gear up for games against the Green Bay Packers, which is one of the oldest feuds in the NFL. This three-disc set includes three of "Da Bears" greatest wins over their arch rival in their broadcast entirety. Rejoin the Monsters of the Midway for the first game after the death of Walter Payton, an embarrassing ... more
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