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They're not here to recite/they came here to fight/so give these brawlers a stage/where fists and feet rage/that's entertainment! It's time for more extreme mixed martial arts combat, where only the best survive. If you're second best, you're in for a hurtin'. Get ready to dive into the octagon in Phoenix, Arizona, for 10 bone-crunching ... more
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Promoter Roland Sarria presents an extreme program of 13 mixed martial arts battles, including a brutal match between Ricco Rodriguez and Robert Beraun! Fists and feet fly inside the imposing confines of Arizona's Glendale Arena cage, and only one man can emerge champion. 130 min. Soundtrack: English; interviews; photo gallery.
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The mixed martial arts don't get any more frightening (or fun) than this awe-inspiring compilation of fight footage put together by Throwdown. Fifty bouts are included in this two-disc set, with no-holds-barred matchups between such grappling greats as Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, Quinten "Rampage" Jackson, and others. ... more
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