The Graves (2010)/Zombies Of Mass Destruction (2009)

Genre : Horror
Format:  The Graves (2010)/Zombies Of Mass Destruction BLU-RAY 
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While Megan Graves (Clare Grant) can boast a college degree, a black belt in karate, and the confidence that comes from being a "rock chick," sister Abby (Jillian Murray) suffers from a sarcastic attitude and crippling fears. To celebrate Megan's imminent move from Arizona to Manhattan, "The Graves" head out on a road trip only to stumble upon a scary mining town haunted by menacing ghosts. Tony Todd, Bill Moseley co-star. Decidedly un-P.C. in its approach to "zomedy," the horror satire "Zombies of Mass Destruction" finds a conservative island community under assault from the living dead. As the red-staters bleed, it falls to an Iranian college student and a gay businessman to set their homeland security straight. Ironic, isn't it? Janette Armand, Doug Fahl, and Cooper Hopkins star. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English; Subtitles: English, Spanish.
Please note that titles in the Blu-ray format will not play on a standard DVD player.
SKU: B10826
Regularly $14.99
Kevin Hamedani, Brian Pulido
Closed Captioned:
Cast:  Jillian Murray, Janette Armand, Doug Fahl, Tony Todd, Bill Moseley, Cooper Hopkins, Bill Johns, Russell Hodgkinson, Ali Hamedani, Cornelia Moore, James Mesher

The Graves (2010)/Zombies Of Mass Destruction Blu-ray

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