Dog Eat Dog (Perro Come Perro) (2008)

Genre : Foreign
Format:  Dog Eat Dog (Perro Come Perro) DVD 
A desperate Colombian gangster (Blas Jaramillo) goes on the run after stealing a fortune in cash from his own boss. When the theft results in the death of the crime lord's godson, the grieving mobster obtains the services of a voodoo priestess and puts a curse on those who wronged him. Gritty, gripping thriller from Colombia co-stars Marlon Moreno, <209>scar Borda. 102 min. Soundtrack: Spanish; Subtitles: English. In Spanish with English subtitles.
SKU: D02734
Carlos Moreno
Closed Captioned:
Cast:  Marlon Moreno, Oscar Borda, Alvaro Rodriguez, Blas Jaramillo, Paulina Rivas, Andres Toro, Hansel Camacho, Diego Quijano
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