Heroes Of The Saddle (1940)/The Kansas Terrors (1939)

The Three Mesquiteers as pappies? It could happen, as "Heroes of the Saddle" Bob Livingston, Raymond Hatton, and Duncan Renaldo try to adopt an old pal's orphaned daughter and come up against a crooked adoption racket. With Patsy Lee Parsons, Byron Foulger. Next, after being spelled by John Wayne for a time, Livingston returns to the Mesquiteers' series and, with old pardner Raymond Hatton, journeys to a Caribbean island. There they team up with Mesquiteer-to-be Renaldo to overthrow a cruel dictator (holy Bay of Pigs!). "The Kansas Terrors" co-stars Howard Hickman, Jacqueline Wells. 113 min. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
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Heroes Of The Saddle (1940)/The Kansas Terrors DVD

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