Teresa (2010)

Genre : TV
Format:  Teresa DVD 
Teresa (Angelique Boyer) might be beautiful, but she is also greedy, dishonest, and ambitious. In this hot telenovela, she is seen to manipulate everyone around her to get exactly what she wants. Will her parents come to regret the sacrifices they made for her? Will her boyfriend realize she is simply using him? Will this gorgeous gal actually get away with it...or get what she deserves? With Sebastian Rulli, Cynthia Klithbo. Standard; Soundtrack: Spanish Dolby Digital stereo; Subtitles: English. In Spanish with English subtitles. Four-disc set.
SKU: D15696
DVD Fullscreen
Closed Captioned:
Cast:  Angelique Boyer, Aaron Diaz, Sebastian Rulli, Cynthia Klithbo
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Teresa DVD

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