Combat Classics

Genre : Historical & War
Format:  Combat Classics DVD 
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"Minesweeper" (1943) tells the story of a Navy deserter who re-enlists under an alias when World War II breaks out. Richard Arlen, Jean Parker, and a young Robert Mitchum star. The Spanish-Italian combat drama "War Devils" (1969) depicts the unlikely alliance between two captains--one German, one American--in the North African desert. Guy Madison, Venantino Venantini star. "Battle Of The Eagles" (1979) relates an exciting, true account about the formation of the first Yugoslav Partisan air force unit. Bekim Fehmiu, Ljubisa Samardzic star. The fact-based, action-packed WWII thriller "Pacific Inferno" (1979) finds two American POWs used by the Japanese to recover a cache of gold dumped by General MacArthur in Manila Bay. Richard Jaeckel, Jim Brown star. Twelve-disc set also includes 45 more combat-themed classics! 70 hrs. total. Soundtrack: English.
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Regularly $29.99
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Combat Classics DVD

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