Conquest Of Cheyenne (1946)/Sun Valley Cyclone (1946)

Genre : Westerns
Format:  Conquest Of Cheyenne (1946)/Sun Valley Cyclone DVD 
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This "Red Ryder" double bill opens with Wild Bill Elliott's final turn in the role, "Conquest Of Cheyenne," as he saddles up with Little Beaver (Bobby Blake) to conquer the crooked banker trying to cheat rancher Cheyenne Jackson (Peggy Stewart) out of her oil-rich property. Plus, learn how Red Ryder was given his wonder horse Thunder by none other than Teddy Roosevelt (!), then must defend the steed when it's accused of murder (!!), in "Sun Valley Cyclone." With Elliott, Blake, Roy Barcroft. 108 min. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English; bonus "Adventures of Red Ryder" serial chapter two.
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Regularly $19.99
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