Helen Mirren At The BBC

Genre : TV
Format:  Helen Mirren At The BBC DVD 
Before she was an Oscar-winning film star, Helen Mirren made a name for herself on British TV. This nine-disc collection of early performances opens with the Jacobean tragedy "The Changeling" (1974), starring Mirren, Stanley Baker and Brian Cox; Mirren appears with Beryl Reid and Prunella Scales in Shaw's political satire "The Apple Cart" (1975); the final night of dictator Benito Mussolini (Robert Hardy) and his mistress, Clara Petacci (Mirren), is the focus of "Caesar And Claretta" (1975); the dark "bourgeois comedy" "The Philanthropist" (1975) stars Mirren, Ronald Pickup and Charles Gray; Mirren plays Gabbie to Ian Ogilvy's Rev. Dishart in J.M. Barrie's "The Little Minister" (1975); the bawdy Restoration comedy "The Country Wife" (1977) features Mirren and Anthony Andrews; Mirren and her co-stars play a group of children in the WWII English countryside in Dennis Potter's "Blue Remembered Hills" (1979); Mirren stars as "Mrs. Reinhardt" (1981), fleeing from her unhappy life with spouse Ralph Bates; and Ian Holm and Rupert Everett star alongside Mirren in the Cold War seriocomedy "Soft Targets" (1982). 13 1/2 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English; interview.
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Helen Mirren At The BBC DVD

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