Peanuts: 1970's Collection, Vol. 2

Format:  Peanuts: 1970's Collection, Vol. 2 DVD 
Good grief! It's a two-disc set of "Peanuts" programs! The course of true love runs anything but smooth as Linus' candy for his teacher winds up in Sally's hands, Snoopy and Woodstock exchange gifts, and Charlie Brown faithfully waits for his first card, in "Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown" (1975). Charlie may actually have a shot at winning a motocross race against Peppermint Patty and the Masked Marvel (aka Snoopy), in "You're A Good Sport, Charlie Brown" (1975). "It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown" (1976), and the gang shows off their green thumbs by turning the baseball field into a botanical garden. "It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown" (1977), and you get to escort the little red-haired girl the Homecoming dance! Can this be Snoopy pulling an ice sled through the arctic wilderness? "What A Nightmare, Charlie Brown" (1978)! The lovable loser tires out for the Junior Olympics, in "You're The Greatest, Charlie Brown" (1979). 148 min. total. Standard; Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital mono, Spanish Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English (SDH), French, Spanish.
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Family / Animation
Philip Roman
DVD Fullscreen
Closed Captioned:
Cast:  Duncan Watson, Stephen Shea, Liam Martin, Stuart Brotman, Gail M Davis, Greg Felton, Lynn Mortensen, Jimmy Ahrens, Linda Ercoli, Melanie Kohn, Bill Melendez
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Peanuts: 1970's Collection, Vol. 2 DVD

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