Berlin Alexanderplatz (Criterion Collection) (1980)

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Format:  Berlin Alexanderplatz  DVD 
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Alfred Doblin's acclaimed novel is brought to the screen by iconoclastic filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder in this sprawling interpretation originally made for television. The audacious tale, set in Weimar-era Germany, centers on the travails of an ex-convict (Gunter Lamprecht) attempting to rehabilitate his shattered life in the midst of a society itself in the throes of transformation. Karlheinz Braun, Hanna Schygulla also star. 15 2/3 hrs. total on seven discs. Standard; Soundtrack: German Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English; documentaries; interview; more. Includes the bonus feature "Berlin--Alexanderplatz" (1931). In German with English subtitles.
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Regularly $124.99
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Berlin Alexanderplatz (Criterion Collection) DVD

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