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Modern Loving: The Ultimate Guide To Sexual Pleasure, Vol. 1
   DVD   (2006)
Genre: After Dark

What better way to learn about real sex than from real people? Sporting genuine couples and material written by "Cosmopolitan" sex editor Sarah Hedley, this British program provides an explicit and no-holds-barred look at modern-day lovemaking at its best. 52 min. Soundtrack: English.

Item #: D93514
Modern Loving: The Ultimate Guide To Sexual Pleasure, Vol. 2
   DVD   (2006)
Genre: After Dark

Broaden your bedroom repertoire with this guide to modern lovemaking! Real-life couples share their most intimate secrets and provide explicit demonstrations of their favorite techniques, along with commentary created by "Cosmopolitan" sex editor Sarah Hedley. Produced by the British...and not the least bit stuffy! 53 min. Soundtrack: English.

Item #: D93515


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The Ultimate Guide To Sexual Pleasure (2-Pack)
Genre: After Dark

Two-disc set contains vols. 1-2.

Item #: D93516
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