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NEW! You may separate actors by a comma (,) to find movies containing multiple actors.


Our "flexible search" allows you to search for an actor by using a person’s full name or part of a name. The more specific you are in your request, the more precise your search will be. For example, searching "Stewart" may display two dozen different entries with those letters in the name (e.g. Patrick Stewart, Stewart Granger, etc.), but entering "James Stewart" will yield only that actor.

You also may search by part of a name if you are not sure of the spelling. Entering "Arnold S" may provide you with a list of two actors, one of which would be Arnold Schwarzenegger.


NOTE: Only titles currently available on DVD are listed on our shopping website. If you are looking for a title that does not appear, this does not mean the film doesn’t exist; only that it is not currently available on video from Movies Unlimited.

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