Gauchos Of El Dorado (1941)/Outlaws Of Cherokee Trail (1941)

Genre : Westerns
The Three Mesquiteers (Bob Steele, Tom Tyler, and Rufe Davis) discover that a wounded young cowboy who robbed $5,000 from a bank wants to use the cash to help his mother pay her mortgage. Will the Mesquiteers help the man, even if he is wanted by the law? "Gauchos Of El Dorado" co-stars Clifford Severn, Jr., Lois Collier. Then, serving as Texas Rangers, the Mesquiteers go up against a murderous outlaw who's determined to kill the jurists who condemned his brother to death. "Outlaws Of Cherokee Trail" stars Steele, Tyler, Davis, and Collier. 112 min. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
SKU: D10981
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