Riders Of The Rio Grande (1943)/Shadows On The Sage (1942)

First, shamed by his bank-robbing son, a banker arranges for his own murder, and when the Three Mesquiteers hit town, he mistakes them for his assassins. "Riders of the Rio Grande" stars Bob Steele, Tom Tyler, and Jimmy Dodd. Next, those mighty mammoths of western movies--the Three Mesquiteers--try to find the person responsible for killing the sheriff of a small town. They hope the new lawman can help draw the culprit into the Mesquiteers' web. "Shadows on the Sage" stars Steele, Tyler, Dodd, and Cheryl Walker. 110 min. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
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Riders Of The Rio Grande (1943)/Shadows On The Sage DVD

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