A Man There Was (1917)/Ingeborg Holm (1913)

Format:  A Man There Was (1917)/Ingeborg Holm DVD 
A fisherman decides to retire and start a family, but soon the onset of the Napoleonic Wars jeopardizes his new brood's survival in a coastal village. Director Victor Sjostrom (who also stars in the leading role) fully exploits Sweden's lush landscapes in the silent melodrama "A Man There Was," based on a poem by Ibsen. Edith Erastoff, August Falck co-star. Next, a widowed young mother fights to keep her children at her side, in Sjostrom's early masterwork "Ingeborg Holm." Aron Lindgren, Erik Lindholm co-star. 125 min. total. Standard; Soundtrack: music score. Silent with music score.
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A Man There Was (1917)/Ingeborg Holm DVD

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