Great Cars: The Television Series (2004)

Genre : Documentary
Format:  Great Cars: The Television Series DVD 
Fasten your safety belts and get ready for the rides of your life! This PBS documentary series features in-depth profiles of the world's finest automobiles--the fastest, priciest, and most unusual cars ever produced. In addition, you'll learn all about automotive moguls and innovators such as Henry Ford, Enzo Ferrari, Ferdinand Porsche, and others who were responsible for creating four-wheeled dream machines. Six-disc set includes "Porsche," "Corvette," "Mustang/Cobra/GT40," "Mercedes Benz," "BMW," and "Ferrari/Alfa Romeo." 9 1/2 hrs. total. Soundtrack: English.
SKU: D35916
Closed Captioned:
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Great Cars: The Television Series DVD

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