Murder, He Says (1945)/Feudin', Fussin' And A-Fightin' (1948)

Genre : Comedy
Format:  Murder, He Says (1945)/Feudin', Fussin' And A-Fightin' DVD 
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First, pollster Fred MacMurray is stranded in the Ozarks and up to his ears in homicidal hillbillies, hidden loot, and mayhem in the delightfully daffy dark comedy "Murder, He Says." Marjorie Main co-stars as the head of the sinister Fleagle clan; with Helen Walker, Porter Hall, and Peter Whitney as Main's twin sons Mert and Bert (the latter of whom has "a krick in his back"). Next, between "The Egg and I" and the Ma and Pa Kettle films, Main and Percy Kilbride starred in the backwoods musical/comedy "Feudin', Fussin' And A-Fightin'." Donald O'Connor is a travelling salesman coerced into representing the tiny town of Rim Rock in its annual footrace against a rival burg. Penny Edwards, Joe Besser co-star. 173 min. total on two discs. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
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Regularly $29.99
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Murder, He Says (1945)/Feudin', Fussin' And A-Fightin' DVD

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