Mission: Impossible: The Fourth TV Season (1969)

Genre : TV
Format:  Mission: Impossible: The Fourth TV Season DVD 
All 26 episodes from season four--including "The Code," the two-part "The Controllers" (featuring the first appearance of Leonard Nimoy as Paris), "Robot," "Death Squad," and "The Martyr"--have been collected in a seven-disc set. 22 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital mono, Spanish Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English, Portuguese, Spanish. **26 episodes on 7 discs. 22 hrs.**
SKU: D54025
Paul Krasny
DVD Fullscreen
Closed Captioned:
Cast:  Peter Graves, Greg Morris, Leonard Nimoy, Peter Lupus
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Mission: Impossible: The Fourth TV Season DVD

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