The Marx Brothers Collection

Format:  The Marx Brothers Collection DVD 
Horse doctor Groucho takes over a rest clinic, then gets taken for a ride by would-be jockey Harpo and "tootsie-frootsie" ice cream vendor Chico, in the equine comedy "A Day At The Races" (1937); with Allan Jones, Maureen O'Sullivan, Margaret Dumont. The boys are cash-strapped Broadway producers unable to leave their hotel room to put on a show in "Room Service" (1938). Frank Albertson, Lucille Ball, Ann Miller co-star. The brothers are "At The Circus" (1939) to help Kenny Baker keep his big top show afloat; they "Go West" (1940) and turn the frontier upside down with laughs; it's a retail riot when the Marxes are put in charge of "The Big Store" (1941), with Dumont and Tony Martin; and the trio joins the hunt for spies and stolen treasure in North Africa when they spend "A Night In Casablanca" (1946). Five-disc set also includes "A Night At The Opera." Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English, French, Spanish; audio commentary; audio outtakes; bonus shorts; bonus cartoons.
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The Marx Brothers Collection DVD

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