Red Ryder Double Feature, Vol. 5

Genre : Westerns
Format:  Red Ryder Double Feature, Vol. 5 DVD 
Wild Bill Elliott and Bobby Blake star in two two-fisted "Red Ryder" sagebrush sagas. First, the prairie pals knock out a couple of frontier rats wreaking havoc in "Colorado Pioneers" (1945). Alice Fleming is the Duchess, and Bobby's "Our Gang" pal Buckwheat makes a cameo appearance. Next, Red Ryder and Little Beaver roll into a one-horse town to see an old lady friend and help set her fledgling coach line on the road to success in "Wagon Wheels Westward" (1945), also co-starring Fleming. 115 min. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English; bonus "Adventures of Red Ryder" serial chapter one.
SKU: D72084
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Red Ryder Double Feature, Vol. 5 DVD

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