Legacy Of Blood (1971)/The Devil's Wedding Night (1973)

Format:  Legacy Of Blood (1971)/The Devil's Wedding Night DVD 
First, four greedy heirs must live for a week in the family home in order to gain their late father's fortune, but find instead a "Legacy of Blood" when they begin to get picked off one by one. Gory great stars Rodolfo Acosta, Merry Anders, Norman Bartold, and John Carradine. AKA: "Blood Legacy." Next, Mark Damon stars in the erotically charged Italian horror opus "The Devil's Wedding Night," playing twin archeologists in search of the legendary ring of the Nibelungen in Transylvania. One of the siblings becomes a bloodsucker after coming under the spell of a beautiful female vampire, and the secrets to her bloody rituals are soon revealed. Sara Bey (Rosalba Neri) also stars. 3 hrs. total on two discs. Standard; Soundtrack: English.
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Cast:  Elaine Boies, Chris Broderick, Marilee Troncone, Jeannie Cusick, Pete Barcia, Louise Gallandra, Stanley Schwartz, Dale Hansen, Joe Downing, Julian Curry, Martin Reymert
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