A Ritmo De Twist (1962)

Genre : Foreign
Format:  A Ritmo De Twist DVD 
All Matusalen (Manuel 'Loco' Valdes) wants to do is dance. His disapproving uncle thinks the swimsuit business is what his foolish nephew needs to straighten him out, so he puts Matusalen in charge of his shop. Bad idea! The company's secret new designs are promptly stolen by a rival interest, leaving Matusalen and his buddies with the impossible task of getting them back. Campy musical comedy from Mexico also stars Roberto Ramirez Garza and Maria Eugenia Rubio. 75 min. Soundtrack: Spanish Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: none. In Spanish; no subtitles. NOTE: This Title Is Out Of Print; Limit One Per Customer.
SKU: D91954
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