Night Train (Pociag) (1959)

Format:  Night Train (Pociag) DVD 
Hurriedly boarding an overnight express train, Jerzy (Leon Niemczyk) is surprised to find a woman (Lucyna Winnicka) sharing the sleeping compartment he thought would be private. Though they are both distressed to have company for the journey, the enigmatic passengers try not to call attention to themselves, in spite of increasing speculation by and interference from others onboard. Zbigniew Cybulski, Teresa Szmigielowna also star in this suspenseful drama from Poland. 102 min. Standard; Soundtrack: Polish; Subtitles: English; art gallery. In Polish with English subtitles.
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Black & White
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Closed Captioned:
Cast:  Teresa Szmigielowna, Leon Niemczyk, Ignacy Machowski, Lucyna Winnicka, Zbigniew Cybulski, Jozef Lodynski
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Night Train (Pociag) DVD

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