The Inspector Lynley Mysteries 5 (2006)

Genre : TV
Format:  The Inspector Lynley Mysteries 5 DVD 
Suspended after intimidating a witness, Lynley (Nathaniel Parker) nevertheless has a case to solve when an apparent death from "Natural Causes" turns out to be just the opposite; next, "One Guilty Deed" is all it takes for a police informant to become the victim of his own past; one lawyer's murder seems to implicate another in "Chinese Walls"; then, "In the Blink of an Eye," Lynley gets into a strange predicament when he asks his wife to help him with a mystery. 5 3/4 hrs. total on four discs. Soundtrack: English. **4 episodes on 4 discs. 5 3/4 hrs.**
SKU: D94260
DVD Widescreen
Closed Captioned:
Cast:  Mary Stockley, Nathaniel Parker, Sharon Small
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The Inspector Lynley Mysteries 5 DVD

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