Shogun Assassin (1980)

Genre : Foreign
Format:  Shogun Assassin (1980) DVD 
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This martial arts cult classic, edited together for American audiences from the first two films in Japan's "Lone Wolf and Cub" series from 1972, follows a masterless samurai in feudal Japan as he faces off against an evil shogun's legions--often while pushing his infant son's weapon-laden cart. Determined to avenge his wife's murder, he roams the countryside, taking mercenary work and slaughtering all enemies. Wakayama Tomisaburo, Matsuo Kayo star; music by Mark Lindsay (of Paul Revere and The Raiders). 85 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English (dubbed). Dubbed in English.
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Regularly $19.99
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Shogun Assassin (1980) DVD

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