David Raksin At M-G-M (1950)

Genre : Soundtracks
Format:  David Raksin At M-G-M  CD 
Please note that titles in the CD format are not movies and are audio soundtracks only.
David Raksin was one of the greatest composers of Hollywood's Golden Age, and at long last there is a comprehensive collection of his work. This lavish 5CD set is devoted to Raksin's time at M-G-M and presents eight complete scores along with excerpts from five more. Titles include: Across the Wide Missouri (1951), Kind Lady (1951), The Man With a Cloak (1951), The Girl in White (1952), The Magnificent Yankee (1950), The Next Voice You Hear... (1950), Right Cross (1950), Grounds for Marriage (1950), The Vintage (1957), A Lady Without Passport (1950), Until They Sail (1957), Pat and Mike (1952) and The Reformer and the Redhead (1950).
SKU: S12555

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