• Deadly Sin (2000)

    Genre: Action & Adventure
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    Category:  Action & Adventure | Rated:  NR | Color:  Color | Closed Captioned:  No

    Format:     DVD  | Starring: Fred Carpenter, Lisamarie Costabile, Robert Sean Miller

    When the crooks they've been investigating strike back at them through their children, a team of married undercover cops tosses the rulebook aside and seeks vigilante justice against the hoods and the ... more

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    The Mechanic (Limited Edition) (1972)

    Genre: Action & Adventure
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    Category:  Action & Adventure | Rated:  PG | Color:  Color | Closed Captioned:  Yes

    Format:     BLU-RAY 

    Charles Bronson stars as a steely-eyed "mechanic," an unparalleled professional assassin who takes a cold-hearted apprentice (Jan-Michael Vincent) under his wing. During an adventure-filled tutelage, ... more

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