Four Fast Guns  (1960)
Genre: Westerns

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Four Fast Guns
   DVD   (1960)
Genre: Westerns

A wanted killer outdraws a "town tamer" trying to bring him in and then assumes his identity. Riding to the frontier hamlet of Purgatory, where a wheelchair-bound saloon owner pulls the strings, the pseudo-lawman is hired to clean things up...unless one of the gunslingers brought in to get rid of him first succeeds. James Craig, Martha Vickers, Brett Halsey, and Edgar Buchanan star. 71 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English.

Item #: D11193
The Searchers (1956)/The Wild Bunch (1969)/How The West Was Won (1962)
Genre: Westerns

Three-disc set includes "The Searchers," "The Wild Bunch," and "How The West Was Won."

Item #: B52315
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