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Alive in Lisbon [Import]
Format: PAL Video Genre: Jazz, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
Alive in Lisbon [Import]

Alive in Lisbon [Import]

Format: PAL Video Genre: Jazz, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
PAL Video 
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60m - PAL - All Regions - 16:9 compatible with 4:3 Note: This DVD is in PAL format and may not play on all U.S. DVD players. It will, however, play on your computer and any zone-free DVD player. "Live in Lisbon" is the video recording of a gig played (March 19, 2007) in the capital of the country where this project was born, Portugal. The quality of the images (five cameras were used) and of the sound is astonishing, contributing to enhance the pleasure of the viewer/listener. The music was captured in all it's strength: live. A mix of free jazz and hard bop with the driving energy of rock and funk, plus incredible solos (the bass with a distortion pedal, by the way) and the beautiful melodies composed by contrabassist Adam Lane and saxophonistclarinetist Ken Vandermark. "Alfama (For George Braque)", "Spin with the EARth"; "Lucia", "Tomorrow Now (For Lester Bowie)" and "Sanctum" are the pieces chosen.
Studio: Clean Feed
Release Date: 1/6/2015
Item #: 1460185X
UPC #: 5609063001341
Attributes: Spain - Import, Pal Region 0
Product Type: PAL Video

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