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5 Film Collection: Monster Mayhem
Format: DVD Genre: Action / Adventure
5 Film Collection: Monster Mayhem

5 Film Collection: Monster Mayhem

Format: DVD Genre: Action / Adventure
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Three-disc set includes:

Clash Of The Titans (2010)

The mythical tale of demigod Perseus (Sam Worthington) is told once again in this thrilling remake. Reluctant to see himself as the son of Zeus (Liam Neeson), Perseus' desire to exact vengeance against Hades (Ralph Fiennes) for the death of his family finds him leading a band of soldiers on a desperate quest to win the head of Medusa and save the city of Argos from the tentacled sea beast, the Kraken. Gemma Arterton, Mads Mikkelsen, Jason Flemyng also star. 106 min. C/Rtg: PG-13

Wrath Of The Titans (2012)

With the Kraken vanquished, demigod Perseus (Sam Worthington) aims to become a humble fisherman at the outset of this sequel to 2010's "Clash of the Titans." However, mankind's insufficient faith is stoking the power of the imprisoned Titans, leading to a resumption of Perseus' heroic do-gooding in response to a plot hatched between Hades (Ralph Fiennes) and Ares (Édgar Ramirez) to permit the abduction of Zeus (Liam Neeson). Rosamund Pike, Danny Huston, and Bill Nighy co-star. 99 min. C/Rtg: PG-13

Pacific Rim (2013)

Director Guillermo Del Toro's dazzling sci-fi actioner is set in a not-too-distant future where humanity is losing its war with giant monsters from an interdimensional portal in the Pacific Ocean. The only things standing in the creatures' way are high-tech battle mechas called Jaegers. Now, a washed-up Jaeger pilot (Charlie Hunnam) will attempt to destroy the portal with a nuclear blast in a last-ditch effort to save mankind. Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day also star. 131 min. C/Rtg: PG-13

Jack The Giant Slayer (2013)

Since he was a small boy, farm lad Jack (Nicholas Hoult) had been fascinated by legends of a race of giants that lived in the sky. When fate causes him to raise a mighty beanstalk that reaches the titans' realm--and grants them access back to a world they've coveted for conquest--will he be able to meet their challenge? Fun fable pastiche from Bryan Singer co-stars Eleanor Tomlinson, Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, Bill Nighy, Ian McShane. 114 min. C/Rtg: PG-13

Godzilla (2014)

The "King of the Monsters" returns when nuclear radiation surges awaken the skyscraper-sized beast from decades of deep-sea slumber. After a young soldier (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) learns of a conspiracy to hide the existence of MUTOs (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms), he undertakes a desperate mission to save his wife (Elizabeth Olsen) and child as the world faces the threat of destruction. With Bryan Cranston, Juliette Binoche, David Strathairn, and Ken Watanabe. 123 min. C/Rtg: PG-13

Studio: Warner Home Video
Number of Discs: 3
Release Date: 2/7/2017
Item #: 1774280X
UPC #: 883929579013
Attributes: 3 Pack
Product Type: DVD

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