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Above the Law / Hard to Kill
Format: DVD Genre: Action / Adventure
Above the Law /  Hard to Kill

Above the Law / Hard to Kill

Format: DVD Genre: Action / Adventure
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In "Above the Law," that's just what martial arts expert Steven Seagal is, as he smashes his way across the screen in his starring debut, a white-hot actioner about a Chicago cop who finds himself in a one-man battle against corrupt colleagues and ruthless drug runners. With Pam Grier, Henry Silva. Then, in "Hard to Kill," that's just what tough L.A. cop Seagal is, after he's shot and uncovers an assassination plot masterminded by a crooked politician. After spending seven years in a coma, he wakes up and promptly goes to work searching for those who tried to do him in. Smashing action yarn co-stars Kelly LeBrock (Seagal's then real-life wife). 195 min. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital 5.1; Subtitles: English, Spanish, French.
Bill Sadler
Frederick Coffin
Steven Seagal
Kelly LeBrock
William Sadler
Fred Erick Coffin
Bonnie Burroughs
Andrew Bloch
Zachary Rosencrantz
Branscombe Richmond
Joe V. Greco
Charles Boswell
Lou Beatty Jr
Nick DeMauro
Nick Corello
Justin Derosa
Stanley Brock
Al Rasho
Anthony Cannata
Barbara Townsend
Chantara Nop
Chris Karchmar
Christopher Peditto
Evan James
Francesca Roberts
Gary Goldman
Henry Godinez
India Cooper
Joe D. Lauck
John Eskow
Joseph Kosala
Lisa Tejero
Lou Beatty Jr.
Lou Beatty, Jr.
Mike Coglianese
Mike Nakayama
Nick de Mauro
Nick Kusenko
Nicky Corello
Nydia Rodriguez Terracina
Rafael Gonzalez
Robert La Sardo
Rom Milanovich
Ronald Shusett
Stephen Jones
Steven McKay
Steven Pressfield
Terry Stewart
Tomas Trujillo
Robert LaSardo
Haruo Matsuoka
Danny Goldring
Christian Duffy
Craig Dunn
Thalmus Rasulala
Tony Perez
Gene Barge
Geoffrey Bara
Mike James
Kent Turnipseed
Steve Jones
Francesca P. Roberts
Janet Zappala
James Distefano
Dean Norris
Frank H Conn
Michael Fosberg
Philip Wayland
Buddy Joe Hooker
Dennis Phun
Sheri Hueffmeir
Nydia Rodriguez-Terracina
Cheryl Hamada
Jerry Dunphy
Ralph Foody
Catherine Quinn
Vince Viverito
Carlos Gomez
Alex Ross
Osama Joseph Sabbagh
Richard Wakasa
Toni Fleming
Andrea Stein
Bernie Bielawski
Gene Hartline
Eddie Frias
Julia Stormson
Michael Adler
Michael Mcmeel
Tom Milanovich
Jim Kindelon
Michael Rooker
Lee de Broux
Patrick Gorman
Ernie Lively
Le Tuan
April Tran
Linda Klein
Gary McLarty
Jim Thompson
Sandy Holt
Richard Kwong
Zaid Farid
Juan Ramirez
Al Goto
Mario Nieves
Tony Cannata
Jack Eiseman
John Drummond
Clare Peck
Tom Muzila
Directors: Mickey Gilbert, Andrew Davis, Bruce Malmuth
Studio: Warner Home Video
Release Date: 1/31/2006
Item #: WBD080239
UPC #: 012569802391
Attributes: Repackaged
Product Type: DVD

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