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Actors Training Guide U for Actors & Directors
Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest-Instructional
Actors Training Guide U for Actors & Directors

Actors Training Guide U for Actors & Directors

Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest-Instructional
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Explores the process of discovering and preparing a character for film with acting instructor and coach, Stephen Heu. Students will prepare, rehearse and perform a scene from the script titled "THE CAMERA". Lesson segment includes: The Audition; the Sides; the Look; the Script; the Process; exploring the Character; finding Identity; Believability and the Organic Performance; the Struggle; Impressions and the Seasons; Subtext, content underneath the spoken dialog; Empathy, Living the moment; Inspiring other actors; Slowing down; Exercises; How to not abandon the character; Working on lessons; Honing our craft; the actor's goals and the audience's goals; Loaning emotions to a character; Catharsis; Dealing with separation anxiety; Stage and Film acting differences. Performance segment includes: Holding the last look; Slowing down, taking a beat; Matching other actors' level; Retrieve then speak; Controlling the words; Proper breathing; Right to speak; to edit, criticize, or judge an actor; Stretching the emotion; Muscle for Continuing; Looking at an actor as part of the whole script, as part of your own emotional process; Involving the character; Intuition; Learning the process of rehearsal and abandoning the script; Find where your gifts are and utilize them to the fullest; Sharpening your tools; Understanding the process and the script, internalizing the information and LIVING the characters; using blocking to convey emotion.
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Release Date: 2/28/2012
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