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Adam-12: Season One (1968)
Format: DVD Genre: TV Crime
Adam-12: Season One

Adam-12: Season One

Format: DVD Genre: TV Crime
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Jack Webb created this popular crime drama that ran on NBC from 1968-1975 and followed the workaday exploits of seasoned police officer Pete Malloy (Martin Milner) and his rookie partner Jim Reed (Kent McCord, reprising his recurring "Dragnet" role) as they patrolled the streets of Los Angeles under the radio call sign Adam-12.

26 episodes on 2 discs. 10 3/4 hrs. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: Spanish.

Ahna Capri
Alice Frost
Amzie Strickland
Angela Greene
Anne Helm
Anne Whitfield
Art Ballinger
Arthur Gilmore
Bambi Allen
Barbara Baldavin
Barry Williams
Bob Hastings
Bruce Watson
Byron Foulger
Charles Dierkop
Christopher West
Chuck Bowman
Claude Johnson
Cloris Leachman
Conny van Dyke
Craig Curtis
Cynthia Hull
Dan Ferrone
David Westberg
Dawn Lyn
Del Moore
Dennis G. Turner
Dianna Curtis
Dick Foran
Dick Sargent
Don Hanmer
Dorothy Rice
Eldon Quick
Elvia Allman
Eunice Christopher
Eve Brent
Eve McVeagh
Floyd Mutrux
Gary Crosby
Gene Dynarski
Geoffrey Deuel
Hal Smith
Hampton Fancher
Harry Dean Stanton
Harry Hickox
Harry Swoger
Henry Beckman
Jack Hogan
James Callahan
James Driskill
James McEachin
James Milhollin
Jenny Sullivan
Jimmy Mathers
Jo Ann Harris
Joan Shawlee
Joan Staley
John Lupton
Joseph Mell
Joyana Frederics
Judy Brown
Julian Barton
Karen Black
Katherine Squire
Kelly Thordsen
Ken Swofford
Kenneth Washington
Lee J. Lambert
Lee Stanley
Luana Anders
Margaret Field
Maria Grimm
Mary Gregory
Maudie Prickett
Maura McGiveney
Melody Patterson
Mittie Lawrence
Ned Glass
Nina Shipman
Nydia Westman
Pamela McMyler
Patricia Lee
Paul Carr
Peter Duryea
Philip Chapin
Ray Ballard
Richard Hale
Richard Steele
Richard Van Vleet
Robert Donner
Roger Garrett
Scott Brady
Shaaron Claridge
Speedy Zapata
Stacy Harris
Stafford Repp
Steve Cory
Tani Phelps
Tim Matheson
Vincent Beck
Walter Mathews
William Boyett
William Bramley
William Dooley
William Mims
William Stevens
Zalman King
Zolya Talma
Art Gilmore
Martin Milner
Kent McCord
Julian Burton
Ann Morgan Guilbert
Ena Hartman
John Nolan
Angus Duncan
Anthony Aiello
Bara Byrnes
Barbara Wesley
Barry Brooks
Bert Holland
Bill Cort
Bob Jellison
Bobby Hall
Charles Brewer
Chuck Morrow
Dan Keough
Dick Delmar
Dick O'Shea
Donna Mantoan
Dorothy Neumann
E.A. Sirianni
Edward Crawford
Foster Brooks
Gary Marsh
Gene Boland
George Fisher
Herb Kayde
Jack Collins
James B. Sikking
James McCallion
Jan Reeves
Jerome Thor
Jerry Quarry
Jerry Sheldon
Joan Swift
John C. Johnson
John Cliff
John Perak
Jon Shank
L.E. Young
Larry Anthony
Lew Brown
Lillian Powell
Marco Lopez
Marlene Tracy
Michael-James Wixted
Natalie Masters
Nina Barab
Penny Gaston
Phyllis Davis
Quentin Sondergaard
Robert Rothwell
Robert Williams
Ron Pinkard
Rory Stevens
Serge Crawford
Stephen Shea
Steve Mitchell
Sydney Soule
Ted Foulkes
Tom Williams
Tony Gardner
Howard Culver
Ed Deemer
Don Stewart
Robert A. Cinader
Directors: Jack Webb, Robert I. Holt, Harry Morgan, Phil Rawlins, Hollingsworth Morse, James Neilson, Bruce Kessler, Joseph Pevney, Robert Douglas
Studio: Universal Studios
Number of Discs: 4
Release Date: 2/13/2018
Item #: 1988887X
UPC #: 191329047309
Attributes: Repackaged
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR

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