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Aki Sora
Format: Blu-ray Genre: Anime-Japanese
Aki Sora

Aki Sora

Format: Blu-ray Genre: Anime-Japanese
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This new release marks an historic first for releasing a yaoi-themed program with English audio! Ai No Kusabi, a four-episode OVA, is based on a novel by award-winning female sci-fi author Rieko Yoshihara. Set in a dystopian future, the patriarchal society of the planet Amoi lives under a strict caste system overseen by the authoritarian control of a supercomputer named Jupiter. Social class is determined by the color of one s hair, and Iason sits at the top of the pecking order as a Blondie. His privileged life draws scandal when he chooses to take on a mongrel gang leader named Riki as a pet. There are no taboos against the lighter-haired elites staking claim to the dark-haired denizens of the slum, but when Riki commits an unforgivable act, the intensity of their relationship begins to draw dangerous attention. As emotions and tensions escalate, will Iason and Riki escape the fateful consequences of their forbidden romance? Ai No Kusabi is a gritty, suspenseful, and sensual title sparring with heavy topics and themes including systemic racism, sexual agency, and social isolation. The English dub is decorated with a star-studded cast, directed by the team at Kocha Sound (World War Blue, Ladies Versus Butlers, Juden-Chan: Recharged). Extras include: Promotional Videos, Textless Opening & Closing. English Dub, Japanese language with English subtitles. 120 mins. For viewers 16 & Older.
Studio: Media Blasters
Release Date: 1/23/2018
Item #: 1995716X
UPC #: 631595180169
Product Type: Blu-ray

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