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The Beast in Space (Original Motion Picture Score)
Artist: Alfonso Brescia Format: LP Genre: Soundtrack
The Beast in Space (Original Motion Picture Score)

The Beast in Space (Original Motion Picture Score)

Artist: Alfonso Brescia Format: LP Genre: Soundtrack
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Limited vinyl LP pressing. Death Waltz Recording Company is proud to present the pulsating Italian synth score to director Alfonso Brescia's 1980 sci-fi adult action film, The Beast In Space (La Bestia nello Spazio). Borrowing heavily from Walerian Borowczyk's The Beast (La Bête), most notably it's sexy b-movie seductress Sirpa Lane, along with elements of Star Trek, Caligula, and even Star Wars (light saber battle, anyone?), this treasure trove of trash cinema is truly a sight to behold. Throw in a plethora of hardcore stock footage inserts, including a loving pair of amorous horses (be sure to experience the XXX-rated version), this heavily scotch-taped piece of sleazy celluloid also features one of the genres finest electronic soundtracks. Veteran Italian composer Marcello Giombini, credited in the film as Pluto Kennedy (best sci-fi pseudonym ever?), delivers a brilliant synth and effects-heavy score that was not only fitting of the outlandish images on the screen, but also clearly influenced by Wendy Carlos' A Clockwork Orange synth work. Who better than Giombini to deliver the appropriate soundtrack to an intergalactic struggle which somehow ends up with a giant well-endowed space faun chasing Sirpa Lane around an extraterrestrial landscape. This score will surely enhance your auditory senses during your next space sexcapade... but be forewarned, dear friends - you never know who (or rather, what) might pop up.
Artist(s): Alfonso Brescia
Label: Death Waltz
Release Date: 10/27/2017
Item #: 1959046X
UPC #: 5053760030560
Product Type: LP

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