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Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Season Two (1956)
Format: DVD Genre: TV Crime, TV Anthologies
Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Season Two

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Season Two

Format: DVD Genre: TV Crime, TV Anthologies
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All 39 episodes from the series's second season─including "Kill with Kindness" (with Hume Cronyn), "Toby" (with Jessica Tandy), "Number Twenty-Two" (with Rip Torn), "A Man Greatly Beloved" (with Cedric Hardwicke), "The Indestructible Mr. Weems" (with Robert Middleton), and "A Little Sleep" (with Vic Morrow)─are collected in a five-disc set. 17 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English (SDH). **39 episodes on 5 discs. 17 hrs.**
Alan Napier
Alan Reed, Sr.
Arthur E. Gould-Porter
Barbara Baxley
Barbara Cook
Bart Burns
Betty Hartford
Biff McGuire
Bill McLean
Bob Ross
Cara Williams
Carmen Mathews
Carol Veazie
Cedric Hardwicke
Charles Cantor
Charles Davis
Charles Watts
Chick Chandler
Claire Carleton
Corey Allen
David Armstrong
David Wayne
Dayton Lummis
Don Hanmer
Dorothy Stickney
Douglas Kennedy
Edith Barrett
Edith Evanson
Edmon Ryan
Edmund Gwenn
Ellen Corby
Eloise Hardt
Evelyn Rudie
Evelyn Varden
Frederic Worlock
Gail Kobe
Gary Merrill
George Grizzard
George Macready
George Mathews
George Pelling
Gladys Cooper
Hal K. Dawson
Harold J. Stone
Harry Barclay
Harry Townes
Harry Tyler
Harvey Stephens
Henry Jones
Herbert Marshall
Holly Bane
Hugh Marlowe
Hurd Hatfield
Isobel Elsom
Jack Lambert
James Gleason
James Gregory
Jarma Lewis
Joan Banks
Joe Mantell
John Baragrey
John Carlyle
John Hoyt
John Williams
Johnny Silver
Judith Evelyn
K.T. Stevens
Kathleen Hughes
Kathleen Maguire
Kathryn Givney
Keith Britton
Kenneth B. Clarke
Lee Philips
Leora Dana
Lili Kardell
Lillian Bronson
Lisa Golm
Louise Larabee
Louise Platt
Margie Liszt
Mary Scott
Meg Mundy
Melville Cooper
Michael Fox
Michael Ross
Mickey Kuhn
Mildred Dunnock
Norman Bartold
Norman Leavitt
Norman Lloyd
Norman Willis
Pamela Light
Patricia Collinge
Patricia Hitchcock
Paul Lambert
Paul Langton
Paul Picerni
Philip Coolidge
Phyllis Thaxter
Ralph Clanton
Ralph Meeker
Ralph Peters
Ray Collins
Ray Teal
Raymond Guth
Rebecca Welles
Robert Ellis
Robert Emhardt
Robert H. Harris
Robert Horton
Robert Karnes
Robert Middleton
Roxanne Arlen
Royal Dano
Russell Collins
Russell Thorson
Rusty Lane
Sam Buffington
Steve Brodie
Steve Forrest
Ted Stanhope
Theodore Bikel
Theodore Newton
Tita Purdom
Torin Thatcher
Vinton Haworth
Virginia Gregg
Walter Kingsford
William Redfield
Rhys Williams
Rip Torn
Hume Cronyn
Claude Rains
Alfred Hitchcock
Georgann Johnson
Vic Morrow
Mary Wickes
Russell Johnson
Robert Culp
Henry Silva
Albert Salmi
Nancy Kulp
Jessica Tandy
Dick York
Inger Stevens
Rosemary Harris
Anthony Dawson
Barry Harvey
Bobby Clark
Carol Jean Owens
Carol Shannon
Charles Cooper
Clark Howat
Dan Sheridan
Don Garrett
Don Keefer
Dorothy Crehan
Ferdie Hoffman
Francis de Sales
Gary Hunley
Gavin Gordon
George Brenlin
George Chandler
Gerald Hamer
Gladys Hurlbut
Harry Bellaver
Heidi Mullenger
Henry Corden
Hilda Plowright
Hope Summers
Hugh Sanders
Irene Lang
Jack Mullaney
James F. Stone
James McCallion
James Nolan
James Philbrook
Jess Kirkpatrick
John Trayne
Karen Norris
Kay Stewart
Ken Christy
Lee Erickson
Madelon Baker
Marcel Rousseau
Mason Curry
Michael Kuhn
Mike Kuhn
Minerva Urecal
Mollie Glessing
Ned Wever
Nora Marlowe
Paul Brinegar
Penny Santon
Percy Helton
Peter Leeds
Phil Garris
Robert Ross
Roy Darmour
Shirley Smith
Ted Bliss
Tom Martin
Tracey Morgan
Herb Vigran
Alan Reynolds
H.M. Wynant
Joan Harrison
Directors: Alfred Hitchcock, Jules Bricken, Francis Cockrell, Paul Henreid, Robert Stevens, James Neilson, John M. Lucas, Herschel Daugherty, Jus Addiss
Studio: Universal Studios
Number of Discs: 5
Release Date: 10/17/2006
Item #: MCA028729
UPC #: 025192872921
SKU #: D69082
Attributes: Full Frame, Digipack Packaging, Slipsleeve Packaging, Dolby
Product Type: DVD
Rating: UNR
Closed Caption: Yes

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