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All in a Journey (Original Soundtrack)
Artist: Various Artists Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
All in a Journey (Original Soundtrack)

All in a Journey (Original Soundtrack)

Artist: Various Artists Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
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\'Stamatis Spanoudakis is widely regarded as the most prolific Greek composer of his age. Versatile in his music for film, television, records and concerts, he uses a rich and original musical palette that conjures up different perceptions in the sphere of musical imagery. He explores both tragic and dramatic experiences with an eye and an ear for the musical representation of the perennial dilemmas and joys faced by mankind both in the past and present. To date, Stamatis has written concert works for rock groups, string orchestra, soloists and chorus. Future plans include compositions for wind, brass, tympani and percussion, adding to his fulsome output. Concerts, including those at the George Enescu Hall (Bucharest) and the Royal Albert Hall (London), have proven his international reputation and the forthcoming visit to China will set the seal on this remarkable artist's achievement in bringing his unique brand of Greek music to the widest possible audience. I have had the privilege of conducting some of Stamatis' concerts and I am continually impressed by the way he considers his music as a living entity that is constantly evolving and developing and is never completely set in stone.\' By William Relton - Conductor. Stamtatis Spanoudakis says about the album: \'I wrote the music for Pandelis Voulgaris\' film \'All In A Journey\' in a few days (nights to be precise), of January 1998. It is strange how Pandelis succeeds to inspire me to create music that always suits his films as well as my records. Perhaps this is another of the hidden talents of a film director. Thank you Pandelis for \'All In A Journey\', \'The Stone Years\' and \'Number 9\', films that have marked my music. I thank Theodoris Rellos for making me love the saxophone and Socratis Sinopoulos for his wonderful and unique sound. I dedicate this music to those who will cherish it\'.
Artist(s): Various Artists
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 7/29/2008
Item #: CDBY982241
UPC #: 634479822414
Product Type: CD
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