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American Muscle Cars
Format: DVD Genre: Sports
American Muscle Cars

American Muscle Cars

Format: DVD Genre: Sports
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If big, powerful muscle cars are your passion, then this is the essential new addition to your DVD collection. It showcases the popularity and performance capabilities of these monster V8's and highlights the top cars in the category such as the Dodge Charger, the Chevrolet SS Camaro and the big Boss Mustangs. Check out these and all of the other most famous of muscle cars through visits to events like to 2005 Muscle Car Nationals at Beech Bend, Kentucky. See the Pro Street racers hitting terminal speeds of 215 mph in the quarter-mile, be dazzled by the color and chrome in the show classes and choke on the smoke from the infamous 'burn-out battles'!!! from the confines of the drag strip, move on to the wide-open spaces of the high desert in Nevada for the Silver State 100, in which muscle cars race at over 200 mph on the open road! Also check in on the first-ever 'Z2Z Challenge' - where the competing cars were required to accelerate to as close as possible to 200 mph within a mile and then hit the brakes... hard!!! the top two cars went over 185 mph at the mile mark and took less than 40 seconds to go from zero to their top speed and back to zero again! We had our cameras and data logging equipment on-board both cars. One of the most famous muscle cars of all time must surely be 'General Lee' - the bright orange Dodge Charger carrying the '01' racing number on the door and made famous by the 'seventies TV series, 'The Dukes of Hazzard'. See exclusive behind the scenes footage of 'the General' in action during the 2005 re-make of the series into a feature movie. Finally, after checking out everything from classic '57 Chevies to 'muscle trucks', we head for Detroit and the famous Woodward Avenue Cruise. Literally thousands of muscle cars, customs and hot rods, rumbling round the roads of the Motor City. Almost unbelievable... and certainly must see! "Wow, is all I can say... This DVD is 80 minutes of muscle car heaven, as the crew travel all over the US in search of what's happening to make petrol heads palpitate.... if you only buy one DVD this year it should probably be this one." Classic American Magazine.
Studio: Duke Marketing
Release Date: 10/23/2012
Item #: 372938X
UPC #: 5017559103682
Product Type: DVD

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