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Art of Ohad Naharin 2
Format: DVD Genre: Classical Artists
Art of Ohad Naharin 2

Art of Ohad Naharin 2

Format: DVD Genre: Classical Artists
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Founded in Tel-Aviv in 1964, the Batsheva Dance Company was headed from 1990 to 2018 by Ohad Naharin, an incredible dancer with a musical training, and a true passion for movement. Through his "Gaga" technique, a choreographic vocabulary that explores the sensations and the availability of the bodies, he made his mark on the dance world and offered the company it's finest hours. In 2015, Tomer Heymann's documentary "Mr. Gaga" paid tribute to the Naharin phenomenon, it's influence on the contemporary dance scene and in pop culture. The collection 'The Art of Ohad Naharin' is a showcase of Naharin's aesthetics and demanding technique: after a first volume featuring Naharin's Virus and Last Work, two of the most emblematic works in the company's current repertoire, this new release presents Sadeh21, created in 2011 in collaboration with the dancers, and interpreted by the 'junior' branch of Batsheva - The Young Ensemble. Transmission is a fundamental element of Naharin's philosophy. It is not surprising that Batsheva - The Young Ensemble was created the same year that the choreographer took over the Israeli company, on the contrary, it shows the choreographer's desire to nurture young dancers and help them develop their creative process, but also to deepen his own choreographic language by getting an outside look on his own work. This is what happens with Sadeh21: upon seeing it danced by the Young Ensemble, Naharin even said it felt like seeing it for the first time. This 'choreographic odyssee', this 'epic-dance expedition', with it's strong contrasting effects and it's bare simplicity, presents the essence of movement, stripped of all tricks or devices, and thus underscores the extraordinary emotional powers of dance. Rejuvenated by a new generation of interprets from all over the world, the choreography becomes incandescent and resembles an explosion of sensuality, radiant, dangerous and exciting.
Studio: Bel Air Classiques
Release Date: 10/25/2019
Item #: 2211352X
UPC #: 3760115301726
Product Type: DVD

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