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Harry Monument
Format: DVD Genre: Drama
Harry Monument

Harry Monument

Format: DVD Genre: Drama
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Harry Monument has a junk food problem - he's been found murdered in a pile of French fries. Harry's partner, private-eye Keno Argyle, snags a job as a stand-in on a Kung Fu movie, gets kicked in the head and imagines himself in Los Angeles on the trail of Harry's killer. His search leads him to Hedda McGill a seductive beauty with a hidden agenda and a sinister scheme involving a mysterious cookbook, a one-eyed building inspector with a wooden leg, millions of used bricks and a number of drowned little people. Homicide cops Blume and Quinlan prowl the underworld along with Keno and, in a convoluted denouement, the true identity of the killer is revealed. A tongue-in-cheek homage to noir, HARRY MONUMENT provides enough twists and turns to see Hammett and Chandler spinning in their graves. This zany feature received an Award of Excellence at the 2004 Berkeley Film and Video Festival. 'Richard Evans is a master of absurd comedy. This new film coins that title for him.' ~ Denne Bart Petitclerc (Then Came Bronson) 'Harry Monument is an ineluctable, hilarious journey through cine noir, benign schizophrenia and theater of the absurd.' ~ Lewis John Carlino (The Great Santini) 'This incredible work is steeped in noir visuals, outlandish plots and intriguing characters...a tongue in the cheek of Raymond Chandler.' ~ Chris Crotty (The Marketplace) Visit veteran actor/writer/director Richard Evans on the web: and for filmography and career info as well as trailers for his film and TV work (Peyton Place, Dirty Little Billy, Shadow of Rain, Shuffle & Cut ( (A Question for Godard ) He is currently editing his new film,'Sans Sync' to be released in 2013.
Studio: CD Baby
Release Date: 10/4/2012
Item #: SRD766679
UPC #: 829757666792
Product Type: DVD

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